Strong’s Industries of North Devon, by H.W. Strong, First Pub. 1889, Re-print 1971


“Industries of North Devon by H.W. Strong originally appeared as a series of articles in the North Devon Journal, and was first published in book form in 1889. Reprinted with the addition of the introduction and notes by B.D. Hughes in 1971.”

With a fascinating contemporary interview with Edwin Beer Fishley on site at the Fremington Pottery, also articles on the Barum Ware Factory (Barnstable), the Devon Art Pottery and the Marland Terracotta and Brick Company and Stoneware Pipeworks, amongst other industries.

Edition – 1st Edition
Hardback with Dust Jacket
Date – First published 1889, re-print 1971
Condition – In good condition
Publisher – David and Charles
Dimensions – 7.5’’ x 5.5’’
Price – £35.00   $43-USD
Ref Number: 223090F

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