The English Country Pottery – Its History and Techniques by Peter C.D. Brears


The seminal book on the history of the English Country Potteries, full of information with chapters, photographs, drawings and essential Gazetteer.

One of my favourite books. It had a great influence on me during my ceramics degree at Camberwell  and when I set out on my own country pottery journey over 50 years ago. I first met Peter when he came to visit me at Soil Hill Pottery in the mid-1970s when I had recently commenced renovations and manufacturing there, a very exciting time, he has been a great support over the years in all my various endeavours and I will be forever grateful to him.

Edition – 1st edition (the only edition)
Hardback with Dust Cover
Date – 1971
Pages – 266
Condition – Very good condition
Publisher – David and Charles
Dimensions – 9” x 6’’
Price – £50   $61-USD
Ref Number: 229030A

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