An Antique Agate Slipware Lambing Chair, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, 1863


Modelled on the full-sized 17th and 18th century oak country rocking chairs, complete with the wing sides to protect the sitter from draughts while feeding orphaned (pet) lambs in front of the large open farmhouse fires. Presented as retiring gifts within the Yorkshire farming communities, these prized slipware documentary pieces would stay within the families for generations.

These charming pieces were made as a sideline and it is highly likely that they were made and decorated by the women and older girls within the busy family of potters. Highly skilled construction was required, using slabs of pure agateware clay, careful drying and finally galena (lead) glazed over.

The ‘v’-notched edging around the top of the chair was a decorative device used by the Kitson family of the Woodman House and Ainley Top Potteries of Elland Halifax, in the historic West Riding of Yorkshire.

Sliptrailed boldly on the front of the chair the date 1863 and the initials of the proud recipient S.B.H.

7½’’h x 4’’w x 5’’d      O/A approx.

Excellent condition, no restoration, only very minor firing faults and surface wear commensurate with age.

£525    $653 – USD

Peter Brears – The Collectors Book of English Country Pottery

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