Making Pottery By John Anderson, Only Edition, 1999

This rare booklet is concerned with traditional techniques as practised in an almost vanished type of workshop usually known as a ‘Country Pottery’. Within living memory, such potteries might be found in most districts, supplying pots for farm and kitchen use. Now largely abandoned in industrial production, the traditional hand-throwing techniques fortunately still survive in many small craft or ‘studio’ potteries.
John Anderson, together with Robert Fournier made a marvellous, now iconic film of Isaac Button working the Soil Hill Pottery in the early 1960’s, financed by the Arts Council of Great Britain in order to record Isaac (who was soon to retire), the importance of his work and to recognise all the centuries of the potters of the West Riding that went before him. He was the last of the Halifax Potters.
This is an inspirational and educational booklet of superb photographs taken on site and used in the film.

Edition – 1st Edition
Date – 1999
Condition – In good condition.
Publisher – Smith Settle
Dimensions – 6’’ x 6’’ approx.
Price – £25   $31-USD
Ref Number: 229030J

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