Sussex Pottery by John Manwaring Baines, Published 1980


“This book describes and locates all the known Sussex Pottery sites with individual chapters on those at Rye, Brede, Hastings, Dicker, Chailey, Ditchling Common, Burgess Hill and East Grinstead. It is the product of many years research by John Manwaring Baines FSA, an eminent authority on Sussex Pottery and ex-curator of Hastings Museum.”

An essential book for everybody interested in the art of the Sussex Potteries, includes photographs of all the relevant areas.

Edition – 1st Edition
Hardback with Dust Cover
Date – 1980
Pages – 192
Condition – Very good condition (as new).
Publisher – Fisher
Dimensions – 6”x9’’
Price – £25    $30-USD
Ref Number: 229030C

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