An Agate Slipware Beaker and Dish, Sussex, England mid-19th c.

Here we have a superb agateware beaker and dish made for the local markets. Sussex, Burgess Hill or Chailey.

The agateware pattern was created by using alternate lumps of red and white clays from the vicinity of the pottery works and then unevenly mixed together and thrown on the wheel. This local clay was full of iron nodules that would bleed out and run during the firing, drawn out by the partially reducing atmosphere of the kiln caused by highly combustible timber and bavins being fed intermittently into the fire boxes. This would create a sporadic smoky atmosphere which would then clear as the fuel burnt away. Wonderful, and so characteristic of the Sussex clay beds.

Who would have thought that the humblest of pots made with pride by these marvellous country potters could create such astonishing strength and stature in a pot? A true piece of folk art.

Mid-19th Century

The beaker is 3.75” H x 3” W. The dish is 4.5”W by 1” D.

In good condition with minor wear commensurate with age and use.

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