A Fine Stoneware Puzzle Jug, Burton-In-Lonsdale, Yorkshire, England, Georgian, 1850 c.

Here we have a rare and elegant ornamental stoneware late Georgian puzzle jug from the centuries-old Burton-In-Lonsdale potteries, made in local clay by the Bateson family of the Waterside Pottery, who worked from the early-18th century and potted there continuously for many generations.

The legend reads “Gentlemen come try your skill, I’ll hold you sixpence if you will, you cannot drink unless you spill.”

A highly skilled and technically made piece with a flared skirt-shaped base, five sucking spouts, ornamental perforations of flowers, hearts, diamonds and holes in patterns, dabbed and highlighted with cobalt, neatly incised lines to the waist to separate decoration from text, and finally type-set lettering individually hand-stamped in between fine lines to maintain regularity. In its day a highly desirable piece, and it still is today nearly 200 years later.

The Burton potteries were situated in a remote and rural part of the Old West Riding of Yorkshire, near Ingleton, close to the border with Lancashire. There were up to 7 potteries here with different families producing marvellous wares from at least the mid-1800s, working first in Slipware (Earthenware) and later in Stoneware as fashions and techniques advanced, all coal-fired from the plentiful local supplies in this coal measure region. Some of the finest pieces of English Country Pottery, slipware and stoneware were made here.

Mid-19th century

8’’ H x 7’’ O.A approx. (including handle)

Very Good condition, professional restoration to two spouts and minor wear commensurate with age and use.

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