A Superb Blackware Harvest Barrel, Wiltshire, England, Late 18th Century


A superb harvest flask or costrel of larger proportions, more for ale than spirits. Fashioned in the style of traditional handcrafted wooden beer barrels, complete with bands and bung. Glazed in the traditional Wiltshire Blackware Manganese-stained galena glaze over a creamy white fabric (body). An extremely scarce and important example of agricultural country pottery with a strong form, presence and patina, which just to hold brings us in touch with the makers and the owners of this marvellous pot, where rural production techniques remained virtually unchanged since the Medieval period.

Late 18th century

7 1/4’’ x 6.5’’ O/A approx

Very good condition overall, with minor professional restoration to odd small chips. There are also various handling abrasions from stones etc. during daily use in the fields when harvesting. There are also glaze imperfections complete with finger marks, and a couple of ‘kisses’ where the pot has touched against others in the kiln and has been separated upon cooling, leaving a scar. Widely seen on Medieval pots, which all just adds to the charm of this historic piece. A rare and wonderful tactile thing.

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Peter C.D. Brears:
The Collectors Book of English Country Pottery
The English Country Pottery – Its History and Techniques

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