A Large and Rare 18th Century Slipware Wall Pocket, Staffordshire, England


Here we have an extremely rare and large 18th century slipware Staffordshire wall pocket, the size and scale of the large round baking dishes of the period.

Very similar, if not identical in materials and techniques to the superb feathered slipware baking dishes of 18th century Staffordshire, and much rarer. How such a large and intricate piece of utility slipware has survived for centuries is astonishing.

Fine potting and a low-fired open body has produced a large pot that is surprisingly light for its size, almost 14″ diameter. A pleasure to hold, the work of a master potter.

Blackening of centuries where the slip has flaked off on rims and edges with use, only adding to the antiquity of the piece. Appears to have lived its life in a busy kitchen or certainly in the proximity of a large open fire.

Mid-to-late 18th century

14’’ diameter     O/A approx.

Very good, signs of age and historic wear

£1250   $1535-USD

Ref Number: 221142F
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