A Rare and Wonderful English Puzzle Jug, Southern Counties, 1791


A rare and delightful late 18th century puzzle jug, of small dimensions.

Even at this date, still bearing a strong resemblance to Medieval pottery (almost certainly Sussex or Southern Counties). Included for comparison of glaze, in the sixth image, is an early-to-mid 19th century Sussex chicken drinker.

Inverted and upright triangles form a very basic fretwork pattern below the rim.

Three actual drinking spouts on the rim and one of these false with hole pierced under top of hollow handle.

Representing a very early and simple style of puzzle jug. With punts (pads), some pierced, some not. Incised date 1791 and what appears to be 12th July. Encapsulating the very essence of English Country Pottery. Superb.


5.5” H x 5.5” W O/A  approx. (including handle)

In excellent condition, with age-blackening on parts of body where glaze was thin or missed, which only adds to its charm and antiquity. Bearing firing scars and ‘kisses’ where pots have touched in the kiln, all expected and good to see at this date.

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