A Rare and Delightful Slipware Frog Mug, Soil Hill, Halifax, Yorkshire, England, Late 19th C.


This marvellous rare frog mug was made at the Soil Hill Pottery, Ogden, Halifax by the Button family of potters, the last makers at this historic site which was in continuous production for over 300 years.

Through history, the frog is symbolic of fertility and good health, and a pottery replica representing the frog was present in the Northern Counties of England in loving cups (betrothal mugs) from the 18th century. By the late 19th century, it was a bit of fun to be used in public houses and tease strangers who would drink from the full mug and the frog would gradually appear as the ale was consumed. It is unusual to find one in such good condition as they were often dropped by the startled drinker. This wonderful pot comes with the Yorkshire legend “Sup it off” (finish your drinks) in a free flowing script, hand written in the sgrafitto technique on a Slipware label to the front.

This frog mug, as is quite often the case, contains on the inside a few marks where the potter has knocked the wet slip with his fingers while positioning the frog on the bottom of the cup, a tricky job.

Late 19th century.

4 ½ ’’High x 5 ½ ’’ Wide O/A (with handle)

Very good, with only minor wear commensurate with age and use.

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Peter C.D. Brears:
The Collectors Book of English Country Pottery
The English Country Pottery – Its History and Techniques

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