A Rare Slipware Rococo Lion Inkwell, Late 18th/Early 19th c.

A rare and splendid ornamental lion inkwell, possibly Staffordshire but more likely to be French, Austrian or German, due to the strong Rococo influence.

The lion couchant to the right, complete with quill pockets, removable inkwell and pounce pot, Slipware and Agate construction in Earthenware with applied highly ornate mouldings and a lead glaze over. Just a fabulous piece of slipware.

Clearly produced in the Rococo or Late Baroque style, contemporary designers influenced ceramics and the decorative arts, paintings, sculpture and architecture. This period originated in Paris during the reign of Louis XIV. The Rococo was light, elegant and elaborately ornamented with walls, ceilings, and mouldings featuring interlacings of curves and countercurves based on S and C shapes as well as on shell forms and other natural shapes.

The French “Rococo” is derived from “rocaille”, denoting the artistic and sculptural shell-covered rockwork used to decorate contemporary artificial caves and grottoes.

Circa. late 18th-to-early 19th c.

4’’ H x 4’’ D x 6.5’’ L    o/a approx.

10cm H x 4cm D x 17cm L    o/a approx.

Good condition with minor wear commensurate with age and use. Professional restoration service is available.

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