Splendid ornamental slipware planter, Burton-In-Lonsdale, Yorkshire, England, last quarter of the 19th Century

Originally produced in the late 18th century by the potters of Burton-In-Lonsdale, as a peddler’s basket for gypsies to sell posies door-to-door, but by the last quarter of the 19th century, still being made by descendants of the same family of country potters, the peddler’s basket had evolved into a domestic flowerpot planter complete with water tray as seen here. Beautifully made with ‘rope’ bow handle, slip-trailed rim to water tray, decorated with applied flowers and leaves, its origins are clearly recognisable. A superb rare piece in excellent condition.


Last quarter of the 19th century.




Excellent condition with no restoration.

Price £350

Reference – Peter Brears – The Collectors Book of English Country Pottery

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Ref Number: 121142A

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