Large documentary slipware jardinière early 20th century, Buckley, North Wales

Made in an art nouveau Barkware rustic style. Thrown in two parts (top and base) and joined together after stiffening, the top rim cut away in a stylised pattern.

A documentary cartouche was added with the details of the owner and date proudly displayed.

The art nouveau rustic fashion swept the country during the Edwardian era, originating in London and Staffordshire and then spreading right across the country.

Almost without exception the country potteries all made their own interpretations, wishing to be seen to be keeping up with the latest artistic aesthetic styles.

It only lasted a few brief years of enthusiastic experimentation before sadly being brought to an abrupt end by the outbreak of the First World War, when tragically many of the centuries old country potteries went into terminal decline.

Date 1913

Dimensions 10’’h x 9’’ w    approx. O/A

26cm h x 23cm w


In excellent condition, no restoration, only very minor surface wear commensurate with age.


 Reference – Peter Brears – The Collectors Book of English Country Pottery

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