An antique lead glaze slipware puzzle jug, mid-19th century, Yorkshire England.

A rare and fascinating puzzle jug of mid-19th century origin or earlier, finely potted, skilfully constructed and incised with violin ‘F’ holes, a heart and a dedication.

Possibly a romantic gift, a special commission from someone with a musical background, dedicated to the owner Thomas Banks, March 7th (18)68.

The finer surface grain with the warm ginger coloured glaze and lack of mica flecks could well suggest a midland or southwest of England origin.


March 7th, (18)68


8’’h x 8’’ w (including handle)   approx. O/A

20cm h x 20cm w


In excellent condition, no restoration, only minor surface wear commensurate with age.


 Reference – Peter Brears – The Collectors Book of English Country Pottery

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